Handwriting Arrives in Evernote for Android


Handwriting Arrives in Evernote for Android

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Mar 2014

Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 05 Mar 2014


Sometimes there’s no better way to capture an idea than to write it down or sketch it out. Whether a graph from a meeting, an equation from class or an inspiration while traveling, handwriting can be the most direct way to express what you’re thinking or seeing.

When we started working on digital handwriting in Evernote for Android, we knew that our approach needed to be more than an alternate input method. It needed to extend the Evernote experience.

It took us a long time to figure out exactly how to make this work. We think we have it. It’s beautiful, powerful and we’re excited to bring it to you today. Show us your best handwriting and give the Evernote community ideas through our #EvernoteHandwriting page.

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An Integrated Handwriting Experience

Our realization was that a fluid handwriting experience would be one that lets you easily move from writing to typing to taking photos and back all within a single note.


Say you’re in chemistry class. You should be able to type everything that the professor says, draw a chemical structure, type some more, all while recording audio from the lecture. These aren’t separate ideas. They should all live together. And that’s what we built.

Tap to Write
Whenever you’re in a note, tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen. If you need more writing area, tap the down arrow, then tap the plus. Use two fingers to move around the handwriting area. If you need a different color or thickness, choose it. When you’re done, tap on the checkmark. After that, you can continue typing, add an attachment, record some audio, and drop an image into the note. Everything is in one place.


We Love Handwriting

Some of our engineers and researchers were the pioneers that, decades ago, made today’s mainstream digital handwriting possible. More recently, we acquired Penultimate, the amazing iPad handwriting app. Writing and making that writing searchable is in our DNA. We think you’ll love this feature in Evernote on your Android phone or tablet. We can’t wait for you to try it.


Other Improvements

Handwriting isn’t the only thing we packed into this update. We also significantly improved the note editor and camera features.

Better Editing
We enhanced the note editor to better handle notes that you create on other platforms. There’s also a new highlighting option to let you add emphasis to your notes. You can also duplicate notes and create note links to easily jump from one note to another.

Faster Camera
The camera is faster than ever before, virtually eliminating the lag that users experienced in the past. Plus, you now have improved focus and autofocus options.

And More

In addition to all of this, we fixed numerous bugs and made Evernote more stable and more enjoyable to use. Let us know what you think.


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  • Andrew Meyers

    Is handwriting available in the iOS app? Thanks!

    • Jeff

      I second the question about handwriting in iOS. It doesn’t look like its there now, but this is an extremely exciting feature to me, so I hope it’s coming soon to iOS. Is it coming? Can you give us an rough idea of when?

      • Rob

        I’d really like to see this in iOS too. I’ve moved a lot of my note taking to Notability but would come use Evernote exclusively if this feature were available for iOS.

        • AJ

          Yep, same here!

  • Cesar

    Is this option available on iOS? If not, will it be available sometime in the near future?

  • GuCe

    Wow!!! Love it!!!

  • Bethany

    Does this mean it will be coming to iOS soon???

  • Rolland

    Okay, evernote your the best! Simply the best! Looking forward to this hitting ios & windows platforms.

  • Tony

    is it Samsung Note only?

    • John

      Tony – I have a Note 3 and it works beautifully with my stylus but I noticed that my finger works fine, too…you’ll be fine with just a finger!

  • Jeff

    It’s working on my Nexus 7. So I’d be interested in a stylus that worked with my device (fat fingers are obviously not the optimum input device for handwriting). Anyone have any recommendations?

    • Matt

      I am using the Kensington Virtuoso Stylus with my Asus Transformer. It is nice because it also incorporates a real ball point pen (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004BSF1I8/ref=cm_sw_r_an_am_at_ws_us?ie=UTF8).

      • Kevn Y

        That stylus has a fat, round tip like most stylii, which cannot write with pinpoint precision, especially on a small screen. The only stylii I know that have small pointy tip are the ones that come with those Galaxy Note tablets and phablets.

  • Chris Bray

    I hope this means Jot Script support will be coming to Evernote!

    • Ishan

      Ditto. Hope this means support for the jot script evernote edition is coming!

  • Ryan

    I would love to be able to do this on my iPad. Penultimate is great, but combining text, handwriting, and audio into a single note is invaluable.

  • Andrew

    Fantastic! I have been looking at the Samsung Note 8.0 for months, but never pulled the trigger because there was no Penultimate for Android and I read that S-Note syncing with Evernote was horrible at best. Three days ago I bought the Note 8.0 despite my concerns and then I see this update today! You just made my day, Evernote. Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Kevn Y

      Galaxy Note 8 uses an older version of S Note. The newer version of S Note, found in Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1 2014 edition, syncs beautifully with Evernote and has much improved handwriting tools.

  • Mike Wills

    Handwriting, but no business card scanning yet? The ONE feature I REALLY want…

  • Neil

    Anyone has tested it? Once the handwriting is in place, can it be modified later?

    • John

      Neil – I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “modified” – but the eraser tool does allow you to remove things you’ve drawn and you can replace it. In other words – the note is completely editable even after you save it.

      I think Evernote is right when they say they think they did handwriting “right”. It’s not just an image attached as a note — it’s a completely editable that can including drawing, audio, typed text, etc.

      In short, it’s pretty awesome.

    • Kevn Y

      >> Once the handwriting is in place, can it be modified later?

      You can move or rotate it. But you can’t resize it, nor change its color or pen stroke thickness. Nor can you convert handwriting to text. This is still many features away from being as good as Samsung’s “S Note” app. The irony is S Note has Evernote integration.

  • Kenny Hurst

    I am IN LOVE with the fact that you can now directly write on notes in Evernote… So KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!! One last request though. Could you all please make it so that I can write directly on top of my images? That would be AMAZING!!

  • J. B. Rainsberger

    I like the handwriting feature, but how exactly does it become searchable?

  • Me

    Thanks for screwing iOS users. I an canceling my premium account and moving to Springpad!

    • Kevn Y

      I don’t know why this is Android-only. Android users already have plenty of pen-based devices like Galaxy Note that has had handwriting apps for years, and much better ones too. iOS users are the ones more in need for something like this.

      • Alan

        All IOS users. Quit bleating, drop the crap Apple proprietry crap and get on a decent platform – android

    • Mike

      A feature you never knew existed until now and you got “screwed”. You have all the features you had yesterday and when you purchased Evernote premium.

      Drama much?

  • Morgan JT

    Finally it’s here! I’ve been waiting for this to come to Android since I saw Pen Ultimate for iOS. I’ll give it a try and we’ll see what happens. :)

  • Spencer Reynolds

    iOS??? Why when your office is a Mac Heavan and Apple junkies is this done first on Android when Penulitmate was an iPad only app??? Doesn’t make sense to me, l look forward to seeing it shortly…?

    • Kirk

      Probably because Android tablet sales overtook iPad sales in 2013 and there is no looking back.

  • Me2

    I too have been waiting for this in iOS. What gives? Time to find another service I guess.

  • Morgan JT

    Got the new app … no handwriting option … do I have to download anything in particular or something? Or does it not work for HTC phones? What a crush, I was so excited. LOL

  • Morgan JT

    Figured it out. It’s working now! Sorry for freaking out. Definitely too excited about this #EvernoteHandwriting thing. :)

    • Taylor Pipes

      No worries, Morgan. We can’t wait to see some great examples of your #EvernoteHandwriting.

    • Adrian AB

      Morgan JT., I am using the same device you are. How did you get it to work? I updated to the latest version but I am not seeing the handwriting option. #EvernoteHandwriting

  • Matt Radford

    Handwriting looks fantastic. Congratulations to the team. When will it come to iOS? I’m currently using an external App that syncs with my Premium Account to achieve this – but having native integration would be perfect. What’s the ETA?

  • Ali

    Great Feature, but not a great news at all, I am iOS user, what about us!!!! this feature for the iPad will be amazing.

  • Tris Hussey

    Love Penultimate on my iPad, can’t wait to see how this feature comes to iOS. Almost makes me want to get the new stylus now…

  • Antonio

    Great! I’m Android user and I wait for handwriting solution with Evernote for long time.

  • Rafat Dasan

    I am using Amazon Kindle fire HDX which is built on android platform. However, this version is not yet available on the amazon apps store.
    Any one knows when this will be available.

    Rafat – A lover of Evernote

  • Derek

    Fantastic! This is what I’ve been waiting for before deciding on my next tablet purchase. I’m an avid note taker and it’s time to move beyond paper notebooks.

  • Derek

    Nice handling of “palm smudging”, where if you put a knuckle down against the display, it will start creating marks, but when your stylus (or finger) lands, it cleans up the mess you made and replaces it with what you meant to write, in the right location. Looking really good guys.

    • Kevn Y

      A pen stroke would erase your last finger stroke, even intentional ones, so I’m not sure I like it. Better to have an extra button, as in S Note, that en/disable palm touches (disabled by default). And of course, devices that use active stylii already has the ability to disable palm touches when the stylus is near the screen, so this feature is useless for them.

  • foxfragaria

    Wow! Love love love this! The ultimate tool to do fine at any occasion without pen and paper at all. :) Also, new text editing options are sweet. Thank you!

  • Nick Ward

    This is truly brilliant (although I see the IOS users chaps are less than happy.. interesting to see the reactions when Android comes first for a change)

    I do have a question though… is there any way to enable any form of “palm – ignoring” I’m using this on my tablet (perfect for work now) but its akward not being able to rest my palm on the screen, as this just adds lines to the note…

    other than that – this is best handwriting “app” i’ve ever used.. it looks just like my writing on paper! 10/10 evernote – IOS users, be patient, this is worth waiting for…

  • Chris

    Does this work with the Tegra Note tablet’s stylus? Different type of stylus than the Wacom one on the Galaxy Note series.

    • Chris

      ps When is this going to come to Windows? Finally take on OneNote properly

  • Kevn Y

    It needs the ability to resize objects. It is able to rotate them, but not resize. It also needs to add more colors and thickness settings for pen strokes. That’s just for starters.

    Here are what your competition, the “S Note” app for Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition, can do:

    – Lets you converts handwritten words of all languages to text.
    – Lets you converts handwritten mathematical formulae (integration, summation, fraction, etc.) into properly typefaced symbols.
    – Lets you resize and rotate any part of a note.
    – Lets you change color and thickness of existing pen strokes.

    • xwin

      More features are a great idea. Before that happens, I’d like to see some more stability. I keep getting ANRs, followed by Evernote crashes, and occasionally the crash is so bad that the tablet reboots. Not to mention I lose the block of writing I was working on at the time. Anybody else notice this behaviour?

  • Debbie Williams

    Is their anything that interacts with the iphone now are something else compatible you can recommend.

  • Carrie

    Yay for Android coming first for a change…I am however using ios. :( I would love this integration so much, it would make everything so much simpler! Please bring it soon!

    • Anon Coward

      Yea, I just tend to use S Note because it Syncs to my Samsung Account and I don’t have to worry about Bandwidth or Space limitations. I don’t tend to take those Notes off the Device. For anything else, there is OneNote, which I don’t have to pay for. That means I can use the $45 a year and put it towards something that isn’t completely free elsewhere, which doesn’t lag iOS development by several months in key areas.

  • Brad

    “You should be able to type everything that the professor says, draw a chemical structure, type some more, all while recording audio from the lecture.”

    I am unable to add handwriting while recording audio? Is there a way to do this or do I need to stop the recording every time I want to handwrite?

    • Brad

      ^ That first ? should be a period.

    • Nick

      It looks like if you had a drawing started and then start a recording you can go back and edit the drawing. Sorta a workaround that needs to be fixed i think.

      I am still waiting for the time I can do a recording and take photos.

  • Mike M.

    I think this is a WONDERFUL update to Evernote! Now I just need to find a decent stylus to use with my Nexus 7. Anyone know what stylus is being used in the video? I currently have a squishy tipped stylus, but I would like to have a fine tipped one like the one they use in the video.

    • Vince K

      I am using the Adonit Jot Pro for a stylus. Works really well for thin line drawing.

  • Kent

    It says ‘Whenever you’re in a note, tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen,’ but I only see the paperclip icon. I never see a “pen” icon. I watched the video at the top to try to figure it out but it is some idiotic marketing video that conveys no useful information at all.

  • Sajid

    I have updated to 5.8 version but cannot see handwritig option … anyone can help how to activate it ?

    • Kirk

      You have to join the Beta group through Google+ and then Evernote has to add you. Go to the CNET review on same and there is a link.

  • Charle

    Good start. Needs some more evolution before I migrate from LectureNotes – keep going.

  • alexander

    Handwriting is a nice feature. The next step though is to have handwriting recognition, please. (See 7Notes Premium app, and have this integrated!)

  • annalisa king

    when will this feature be available on ios? sounds like a great addition!!!!

  • Jim

    I’ve been waiting for handwriting for a long time, but I am underwhelmed
    1. Let’s start with the easy change first, can we have the option of lined or grid paper? my writing is all over the place with just the dots.
    2. I need to be able to write tags in the notes. That is the biggest thing that is missing from snote, lecture notes, and all of the other writing apps I have tried on my Galaxy Note.

    Handwriting on the Galaxy Note is my most used way of capturing data for evernote. Yes converting to text would be great, IF it’s accurate. I do just fine reading my handwriting. I just need to be able to find the notes, which is where the tags come in.

    • Henry

      Hello All.. Great new things!

      I agree re; addition; Please, Grid Paper would be very nice!

    • Jomari Peterson

      I concur. I wish there was some type of tagging system that identified vocabulary words and just allowed us to check them off. I import my notes from Samsung’s handwriting Notepad.

    • Ron

      I thought EN would search any word in your document, not just tags. If you want tags, they are easy to add after creating the note.

    • Peter

      Hi Jim, I totally agree. I use Papyrus and it is a total replacement for paper. I use lined note paper and can import PDFs and mark them up easily.

      The handwriting option in Evernote doesn’t make use of the pressure sensitivity of the S-Pen on a Galaxy Note so until it does it will be of very limited use.

      I suppose as a first attempt it is a start. Please Evernote developers, take a look a Papyrus for a more sophisticated approach.

    • Gail

      Good points, Jim.

    • Bill

      Jim, are you talking about “Tags” within the note or assigning Evernote Tags to the whole note (that is available)?

  • Chris L

    A much-welcomed development. However, I would ask the Evernote team to provide options for much thinner inked lines, please.

    • Gail

      I agree, Chris.

    • Claire Stevens

      I’d definitely agree with requests both for handwriting in the IOS version and thinner inked lines in penultimate. I stopped using it in irritation with line thickness.

  • Ying

    That’s one of the greatest features Evernote could integrate. But please make it available for ios as well! It feels unnatural to have to turn to Penultimate when a graph should be included in a text. This new feature should definitely also be part of the ios app. I would really appreciate if you could work on it.

    • mtmanner

      I’d like to echo Ying request for this integrated feature on iOS.

  • Garrett

    AWESOME! Thanks.

    Would like to see this integrated in the Widgets. Also, killing feature would be to add a new “Stickies” widget. I love the “Action Memo” widget for Samsung Galaxy, but hate it doesn’t sync with Evernote. A new “Stickies” widget would solve this problem!

    • Jomari Peterson

      A sticky widget would be awesome. I use the sticky (action memo) all the time. Adding functionality there would definitely be beneficial. Galaxy Note 3

  • Antonio Cheong

    I still want “Penultimate” in my Android Pad. I test the handwriting feature in Evernote Android. But there no “zoon in to edit”. Suggest to this to feature.

  • Pablo

    Version 5.8.1 just installed but handwritting is NOT AVAILABLE.
    Is this only available for premium users?

    • HJay

      good question – Evernote seem to have forgotten to tell us, it’s not even clear when you look at the Evernote Premium page.
      Come on, Evernote, get the basics right for goodness sake…

    • Kristi

      Pablo, when I opened my Evernote app on my Galaxy phone, the latest update had added handwriting. I just didn’t know it. Just use the latest update (or you may already have it). I don’t have a premium account, but I now have handwriting.

    • Bill

      5.8.1 free has it. Look for the pencil icon within a new note or at the main menu hit the paperclip for Handwrite only

  • Jason Ward

    Being this to iPhone and I’ll be a happy boy.

  • Surfer

    Glad to see we’re getting this for Android. Will the Windows 8 version of Evernote (either Metro or regular) on my Surface have this as well?

  • Mike Bear

    Well, certainly a welcome development for some, but not so welcome to left-handers with illegible handwriting which only gets worse on a tablet! :)

  • Neil

    It came and crashed and went. I guess you initially released it for 2.3 devices and then realised it didn’t work and then removed it.

  • Bennbo

    This is a great feature… Real progress for the evernote experience. Obviously not as good as Penultimate, Adobe Ideas, Paper, Sketchbook etc but the convenience within evernote is a real bonus. Slightly smoother lines would be good. Really pleased it’s there though. This is just what evernote needed to feel more complete.

  • sb

    You know if you’re going put something like this out there you should makesure it’s right:

    it says above “Whenever you’re in a note, tap the paperclip icon, then tap on the pen.” ? Not on my version! You press the 3 dots and choose Handwriting.

  • Unbelievable

    Good start…needs improvement
    As stated:
    -No lines on the page as an option
    -Erase is extremely difficult to use. Need a circle around it to see what area you are erasing, just like S-Note 😉

  • pat

    this feature does not work on my android – i have requested help and still no response – please reply

  • joe

    I agree, very underwhelming. I bought the galaxy note for the s pen. Using it in evermore is clunky, with extremely wide lines and it reacts to touch and not just the pen, so every time my hand touches the screen I mess up my handwritten notes. If it had the option of thin lines and blocking the hand from writing like snote does it would be great.

  • Heather

    I can’t find the paperclip icon on the iPhone…am I missing something?

    • Heather

      I did miss something…the crucial “Android” qualifier. Oops!

      • Janet

        What does that mean?

  • Clark Gilbert

    Totally enjoy the handwriting function. I have been using it often and have no issues with it. Keep up the good work!

  • Ian

    Handwriting won’t help the guy in the promo email. That’s not a Gmaj7 chord.

  • Ed

    I know, I’m nitpicking; however, in the video promotion for ‘Handwriting’, the guitar chord shown is a basic “G major”; however, the guitarist is writing a “G major 7th”.

  • Liam Delahunty

    The guitar chord in the featured image in the email that brought me here is a G major, not a G Maj 7 – it doesn’t have a F sharp. Phew. Had to get that off my chest!

  • Rick

    Great to hear the different opinions
    I am just getting started so stay tuned

  • Steve Jernigan

    Just tried the handwriting with my Note 3, use it in my body shop for taking notes and ordering parts, LOVE IT! Keep up the good work, your app is the most useful to me in my everyday business.

  • Pastor Wynn

    I am a Premium subscriber, and I do not see the handwriting option on my Evernote. Is an update pending?

  • Jackie

    Can we get the ability to convert handwriting to typed text? Also, being able to draw right in the note is great, but the colors and brush sizes are extremely limited. Great first steps, but these other things are still needed.

  • Scott

    The Android version’s ability to do hybrid notes now makes that version way more capable and useful than the PC version. Was that an intentional decision on the part of developers?

    This hybrid functionality is precisely why I (sadly) had to stop using Evernote and go back to Onenote.

  • Dennis

    This is the feature I’ve been waiting for!
    Thanks Evernote.

  • carrie

    Please, please make this available for iOs. It would make using Evernote perfect for everything I need it for. Having the ability to handwrite things on notes I’ve already started in Evernote would be amazing. Penultimate is great, but being able to do both hand writing and typing on the same note would be exquisite! How long till its available to iOS?

  • Anthony

    Just received the email about the handwriting for Evernote, I can’t figure out how to get it to work, I have a premium account. Any help out there.

  • Judy Humphrey

    Is this available for IPhone?

  • Critical

    any recommendations for a good stylus that works for writing on the smaller smartphone screens like Galaxy S4?

  • Rick

    When will it be available for windows phones and platform.

  • Andy Oliver

    Right when I have halfway migrated back to OneNote, Evernote releases this. Now I’m in a real analysis paralysis pickle. I guess that’s what we call a proper first world problem.

    • Jiri

      But the “Gmaj7” looks more sophisticated than simple “G” , disregarding what the diagram says :-)

  • David

    The guitar guy diagrammed a plain old Open G chord, then called in a Gmaj7. Oops! :-)

    • rondinelle

      I noticed that too :)

  • Joshua Rivera

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good stylus? the evernote one is so expensive, but all the cheap ones have such thick points i can fit like 3 letters at a time on the screen.

    • Eleanor Guerra

      Yes, Joshua. I’m very fussy with Stylus’s and I have 2 to Recommend. The one I’m using now, I just purchased Yesterday, but I LOVE IT ALREADY! It’s called “MERKURY INNOVATIONS” “Display Stylus”. It’s made of Aluminum, has a “Pocket Clip” and the Rubber Tip is Designed to fit a Cell Phone’s Keyboard. I found it at “HomeGoods” for $6.99. The other is Designed Like a Regular Pen, it has a Real Pen Cartridge in it & the Stylus is where the Eraser would be. Stylus is slightly larger then the other & I find the Firmness disappears after a while. The 2nd one You”ll Find at CVS’s “Office/School Supply” section (near Printer Ink) & they ALWAYS HAVE THEM! It’s $9.99. GOOD LUCK!

    • Trevor

      I prefer the micro knit stylus. My current one is a KAMOR which seems to work well. I haven’t checked out the handwriting functionality because Im on iPad but what helps overall is a zoom function for handwriting. This is present in many handwriting apps, but not penultimate. Evernote guys….can we have zoom in penultimate please.

  • syed

    how to use this feature ? my device note 10.1 , evernote comes pre-installed on it . i have already signed up for beta testing thru g+. any help ?

    • RockstarAgent

      When making a note, hit the plus sign at the top and you should see “handwriting” it then gives you a dotted screen to write with. The only thing that isn’t working or available, is that I use the Samsung stylus that has an “eraser” but it doesn’t register it as such and so you have to select the eraser and then switch back to the pen, so they need to add a “customize secondary button action” option, so that it recognizes the “eraser”

    • Lawrence

      Check your account to verify Premium status. If so, try making a new note, tapping on “+” icon, selecting handwriting from drop-down list [may have to tap “see all…”.

  • Eric

    This needs to be ported over to the Windows world as well. I own and use a Windows tablet entirely because of OneNote and the ability to use a real capacitive pen to write real actual notes. What IOS and Android offer does not come close. EverNote would be competitive for me with this functionality.

  • Bryan

    Works great on Android, but where is the Windows 8 support?

  • Nick

    Fantastic. Love it. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

  • ray

    ok, as great as this sounds it would be really really nice if evernote would include a link or steps to download and “this is what you need to buy to use this feature.” My right arm is somewhat disabled so I can not feel these touch screens. A pen would be great with an ability to write and have it translate to text would be fantastic. Please advise me.

  • Cameron

    This sounds great.

    I have a feature request. Can Evernote add the ability to resize images? Honestly, that is the only reason why I use OneNote instead of Evernote.

    • Lawrence

      Click and hold the image that you’ve inserted into your note. If you have a photo editor installed on your phone (lots of good free ones in your favorite apps store, but make sure the one you install has resizing capability), you can then select the editor, resize the photo and it will save it to the note.

  • Carol

    Is this a free app for android

  • Lawrence

    To Premium subscribers who can’t find the option: go to the home screen. Tap on the sheaf of papers with the paper clip. Tap on the “+” sign in the tools ribbon at the top of the note. Select “Handwriting” from the drop-down menu. Tap the pen in the tools ribbon and select color and size of line. Save like a regular note. Explore “+” options and menu, etc., etc.

    • Lawrence

      Actually, I just tried it without tapping the attachment icon [sheaf of papers held together with a paper clip]. and it works the same way in a new note screen. You may have to click on “see all. . .” in the drop down menu when you click the “+” icon in the tool bar.

  • Noal

    For someone who owns an apple tablet I have one question, when is this functionality coming to iOS?

    • M Allan

      if you have an ipad – just download the Penultimate App

    • Joe

      iOS devices have Penultimate—granted it’s a little different but it allows you to use a digitizer and the sketches/notes are integrated with Evernote.

    • James

      Probably when Apple can be bothered to add proper stylus support

  • Beki

    How does it compare to skitch?

    • Kamarul

      Found out that it can’t compare to Skitch. I can only use Handwriting ‘outside’ the attached picture. I can’t scribble and make notes on the picture itself.

  • Rod Freeman

    Fantastic you guys! Evernote just keeps getting better all the time.


    Not helpfull at all. Don’t work on my tablet (Android 4.2.2). No paper clip, etc.

    • Baga

      Are you a premium member?

  • Andrew

    Umm, that is not a G Major 7… Cool feature though

    • elektrodread

      It could’ve been a 7–just would have to add a note

    • aj

      Well, you assuming its at 3rd fret? Guess it could be Gmaj7 if you are at the 10th fret! 😉

  • Joseph Fegan

    will this new aspect of Evernote work on Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ tablet?

  • Glenn Snead

    Does this mean all of penultimate’s features will be integrated into the main Evernote app? As an Android user, I really appreciate it when iOS features filter down to the Android platform.

  • Pastor Wynn

    Nope! It is not available for IOS devices. Just confirmed it with Premium Support Chat. That’s too bad. :(

    • James

      Yes – very jealous. But inking on iPad is not that great an experience with passive capacitive pen. Not tried any of the active pens, but they are all workarounds to the problem that iOS devices don’t have proper pen support – unlike some android devices (Galaxy note etc)

    • Selma

      That is too bad. Kind of doesn’t make sense.

  • Noreen

    seriously? Will Penultimate work on androids now too? I just committed to an ipad since that was the only compatible option.

  • sandra

    I used it on my samsung note 3 and it saved the handwriting as an image. It would be very helpful to have it translate the handwriting into typed text, (as my phone does on its own memo screen) and have drawings saved as images.

  • Qining

    It is really a good idea to support handwriting or say drawing (without recolonization there is no difference between drawing and writing). But users need capacitor-block (block capacitance signals) to become truly able to draw on a tablet. Actually on one like the experience of writing with wrist hanging there instead of placing it comfortably on the dest(tablet). For tablets like Note 10.1, 8, surface pro or phone Note1~3, they use Electo-Magnetic signal for the stylus, Evernote should enable an option to only recognize such signals for writing so that people can truly enjoy this function.

  • Ann Rein

    Does this feature work with the S-Pen in the Samsung Galaxy Note II?

  • Francis Roberts

    The handwriting feature is a great add on to Evernote. I am one person who loves to take handwritten notes and the fact that it is now an added feature makes Evernote an essential productive tool. It works very well with Samsung Note 2 and pairs off with the S-Pen seamlessly. This is a God send feature for me! Thank you!

  • John Carney

    Nice hat, nice glasses, definitely got the hipster thing down. But it’s not a Gmaj7 dude

  • Sallie

    Paperclip …. takes me to my photos … paperclip usually means an attachment. Did see sheaf of papers with paperclip but again took me to my photos. Would very much like to use this application. My phone is a Samsung Android.

  • Rob

    How does this functionality interact with Samsung Note devices?

  • Afshin

    That’s a cool feature. But, I am wondering if we can make the space bigger, for example by scrolling with two fingers.
    I use 21pt when I do handwriting, and it gets even bigger when I use my finger.

  • Chris

    Yay!!! Finally– 2 years waiting but it’s here!!!

  • Tim Elliston

    Can anyone recommend a good quality stylus that works on Android devices, that will allow for fluid hand writing? Most of the styluses I can find are of the thick rubber end variety and these don’t work for hand writing.

    Thank you.

  • Obot

    Guys I have checked this out. Every experience is as described. Sincerely the handwriting here is the best I have used among among others. I give the team a 5 five star.

  • DW

    does it require a particular stylus and where can we purchase it?

  • Ed D. Vasquez

    Congratulations Evernote ! This is a Fabulous New Additon, and much better than all other “Handwriting Note Apps” that I’ve encountered thus far. My only WishList To Date is adding a calendar similar to “DigiCal”. Thank You !!!

  • Barto

    Please make available for Windows8… Had to leave evernote and go to OneNote to get pen input on my surface. PLEASE MAKE AVAILABLE in Win8 and I will be back…

  • Tod

    I bought a Jot Pro by adonit the combo is unusably bad. First, you can’t rest your hand on a tablet like you can on paper. Next the app / stylus combo doesn’t capture half of what you write so you have to slow way down and re-write stuff over and over. If you need to scroll down it just jumps down a whole page so you can’t see anything that you drew before, and it is very difficult to edit previous notes. I will be sticking with a (normal) pen and paper for diagrams.

  • Ricky

    Really great to have this in Evernote, i can uninstall other writting apps.

  • James

    I can’t find the pen icon on my Nexus phone.

  • Jiri

    I still cannot find this feature, although I have the last version 5.8.1
    A basic question: This feature is avialable for all users, or Premium users only ? The answer is not clear from announcement – from it looks to be a feature for every users, but practically seems not to be…

  • charle

    Am loving this feature…………keep it up

  • Dannii

    Oh wow! Really would love this on my iOS devices! Will it be long? :)

  • John

    When’s it coming to Apple?

  • Selma

    Is this feature available on ipad?

  • Tim Hale

    This looks like a great feature, and I’m looking forward to using it! I’m glad Android gets a feature first but can we at least have an indication of whether this feature will be coming to iOS, even if there’s no time scale? My own interest is in whether it will come to the iPhone in particular.

    • Melodee

      Tim – are you from Sioux City?

  • Max

    Note links? We can create note links on Android? [ie a link from one note to another] That’s what it seems to say, yet there’s no obvious way to do it in the app and there’s nothing about it on the website… Anyone worked this one out?

    • Max

      Aha! Finally worked it out… and we CAN do it. Fantastic!
      In “All notes” view, press and hold on the note you want to link TO then a big list comes up, including “Copy note link”. Go to the note you want to link FROM and press and hold to get a cursor and the usual “Paste” pop-up. It inserts the full name of the note being linked to, as the note link. WONDERFUL – something I’ve been waiting for ever since I first got Evernote!

  • paul

    The tool is still lacking much needed functionality. What good is a writing tool that does NOT convert to text. I will continue to use 7notesHD since it does a decent job of text conversion. Come on guys get with the times :)

  • Lyle

    Is the handwriting app available only in the premium version? I’ve reinstalled Evernote twice and no “handwriting” icon. The Evernote Premium app download site at Google Play doesn’t even mention this feature.

  • سئو

    How does it compare to skitch?

  • I'm using Evernote Premium

    When I’m in a note on my android why doesn’t the paperclip or for that matter the little pen show up? the instructions using handwriting on Android is very confusing to me.

  • agFinder

    I don’t have a “paperclip icon”.

  • edith kraichkova

    As an architect I will need scale option.Thank you.

  • CC

    Any chance of handwriting in Evernote for iOS?

  • Michael Reilly

    I’m an Architect, with a Galaxy Note 3. I need to take handwritten notes in meetings, at the bldg. site, and at class. Sometimes I need to add sketches. It is imperative that after the meeting, I have the ability to convert the handwritten notes to text. EverNote can’t do that. OneNote can do it in Windows, but not in its Android app. I need to do productive business, not play (not primarily, anyway). I see no alternative but to forget Android and EverNote, and buy a Windows Tablet w/ Wacom digitizer, and load OneNote. Can you provide a solution so I don’t have to do that? Thanks, Mike

  • han

    When’s it coming to Apple?

  • J.E.

    It’s nice and works good. Thank you! I hope I can take memo on picture in next update.

  • RibaRiva

    I don’t have a paperclip icon either. Where is it? Do I need to upgrade to premium? Do I need a stylus? How is it possible to write this post and explain nothing?

  • Len Villasenor

    First off, I am pleased that you are beginning to incorporate handwritten notes into your arsenal. I was excited and tried it, but unfortunately it was in my opinion lacking certain things necessary for a complete experience 1) There is no joy of writing by hand, even on a tablet. I would recommend at least a two finger zoom function because it is difficult with handwriting, composing notes on music ledgers, or mathematical formulae to write them small with the type of pen tools found in non Samsung tablets. 2) For pure writing there have been other solutions that are superior in terms of input speed. Handrite Pro for instance uses an enlarged definable area where one can write a word and when you either stop writing or if you disengage the autotimer and hit a return graphic it resizes the word sequentially in the sentence fitting nicely on the page where each individual word can be edited as an object. Handnote has an alternate solution which is faster using two input areas, where a written item is input once you start writing in the alternate writing box. It is swift. Both give the writer the joy of writing without having to worry about format. I hope you consider scaling/zooming options and input alternatives as well as well as functional alternative backgrounds, (such as musical staves) to round out your handwriting portion of your notes arsenal.

    • Len Villasenor

      I meant to type Handy Note Pro where I mistakenly input Handynote above.

  • Arek

    So now I can create handwritten notes on Android, and ink notes on my Windows PC, but both are incompatible with each other. How stupid is that…

  • Hector

    I love app and or app feature where I just jump right in and try it and it is intuitive enough to work with minimal effort. Handwriting is that. Simple but does what you want it to. Love it.

  • Renee

    Evernote crashed when i tried to add an extra page of handwritten text – i lost 2 pages of handwritten notes! Is there someway to get this back?

    Apart from this setback – the handwriting works really well – no lag at all with my samsung tablet

  • Philippa

    It’s great to have this feature in Evernote app. It’s adds another level. Thank you for adding it. Could you please also add conversion from handwriting to text to the evernote app (assume that since you acquired penultimate then this is possible)?. At the moment I have to use the Samsung’s own note software to do this but it would be more convenient to have it all in one location. Thanks

  • Mats Frosteman

    I agree with Philippa, when You include handwrite to text it will be a killer-app.

  • Morten

    Can you buy a special pen for handwriting if you don’t want to write with your fingers and if so, do you know where to buy it?

  • Greg

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which supports handwriting in the “S Notes” application. When I try however to follow the instructions above (“tap on the paperclip and then tap on the pen”) I don’t see an option for “pen”. Am I doing something wrong? Looking in the wrong place? Need to upgrade the app on the Samsung? (BTW I am an Evernote Premium customer). Thanks anyone for advice.

  • carol sachs

    forgive an old simpleton – i have download an update and it’s asking me for a password to sync – can’t remember my password, how can I reset and create a new password ? Help please, can’t wait to use the new writing feature/

    • Mike

      Go online to Evernote.com

      Try your best to remember. When it tells you it’s incorrect, click forgot password (or should be something similar). Follow instructions to reset it. You’ll need to access your email to confirm probably.

  • Sam Coten

    Let’s get it into iOS now! I love Evernote, and I love handwriting. I bought the Jot Script (at just under $100) but it’s just been sitting in my desk drawer for a month because the Penultimate app just doesn’t cut it.

  • Jon Dienlin

    This is a great App, especially if input methodologies can be more than just a finger, or equally limited styles that I’ve seen. In fact I’m working on a new project, and such an impromptu input method will appreciated! I hardly find the same recorder carried that day, etc. nor do I sit and transcribe these voice notes for I am an eclectic with several projects bouncing around in my aging brain…. Jon D ABQ, NM

  • Bob Champion

    Doesn’t seem to work on Kindle Fire.

  • Mike

    Good to see android development finally taking a focus!

  • Eric Ma

    I also upvote handwriting in-note for iOS please!

  • April

    I have a Samsung Note 3 and this feature is AWESOME but like you all have said I cannot understand why this is not an iOS feature especially that Evernote sells that fancy stylus-which I bought and never use because in iOS the handwritten notes have to be in differnt app! It’s CRAZY! Please please please make this an iOS feature!

  • Gyuri

    It is great! But unfortunately the Adonit thin stylus is only for iOS devices. I have a Motorla and not Samsung Note, and I can’t find a similar good, thin stylus that I could use for Evernote. So I actually can’t use handwriting (I tried it with my finger and with a normal capacitive pen, but it is awful, terrible…) So actually this feature is useless for me. Any plan to solve this quite fundamental problem?? Thanks

  • Areg

    I have a Galaxy Note, and my version of evernote doesn’t have the handwriting implemented. What’s going on?

  • Anna

    Waiting for this to come out for Mac users! It would make taking notes for college much easier 😀

  • G Sol

    Something tells me that because they partnered with Samsung to code the handwriting recognition and functionality, it won’t be coming to iOS anytime soon.

  • Richard Olpin

    So iOS users have an Evernote branded Jot Script pen, but still no handwriting support in the app itself. What gives?

    You’ve had handwriting on Android for SIX MONTHS not, but still iOS users have to rely on an external app and no direct writing on the note?

    This is a killer feature and you already have the hardware, some on guys, this is torture!

  • John

    I love using evernote and my other drawing apps with my jot script :)

  • ATX Rules!

    Stop all of the whining about Evernote supporting iOS with this wonderful new addition. I use iOS and Android and have determined that the issue is the failure by Apple to include a WACOM digitizer on their devices. Until they do, you will be relegated to a spongy foam tip on your stylus that is terrible for accurate handwriting input. Penultimate tries to overcome this by offering a $70 Jot Script active stylus, but it still fails to come close to the input achieved with a S-pen. Wake up Apple!!! I’ve stood with you through the dark days in the 90’s and expect better from you.

  • Lars

    Evernote, are you listening? Multiple iOS users are asking for handwriting. Android already has it on the Note products, why not provide it for iPhone users?? What is somewhat bothersome is that multiple people are inquired about this for iOS and NO ONE from Evernote has demonstrated any respect to respond to the request. Are you listening? I hope so, especially since the most devoted fans of Evernote is typically iOS users–at least from my circles.
    Thank you

  • Mark

    Does the hand writting feature include drawing tools such as straight lines and other basic shapes ? I would really love this app if it has this features because I am constantly revising and taking notes for CAD designs . And i know this would help me a lot

    • sid

      Dont blame evernote for the lack of handwriting on ios – evernote is a software where as handwriting is a hardware thing requires a magnetic grid beneath the screen called digitizer. inclusion of handwriting is good, but note editing and freeform style of it’s competitor (u know the name – it has just gone “freemium” too) should be emulated. also evernote is truly freemium to most it’s competitor makes u pay partly when u buy their operating system. evernote is one of those responsible bussinesses (that’s what i like to believe). i m a premium user though but atleast they did not force me to buy some sort of operating system for full functionality of their services.

  • Shalin

    I like the way evernote is handling the game. Thats why they are the best note app around.

  • Oleg

    same thing, where’s iOS handwriting?

  • Michael

    I would suspect a majority of users for Evernote handwriting would be Samsung Note Users. I am getting a Note 4 in the next week. does anyone have experience with Evernote and the Samsung Note series? I hope all positive because I am a natural note taker and I would like to see it span multiple devices thru Evernote. Tell me your experiences….

  • Ricky

    Why is there such a crazy disconnect between inking on Windows and Android? So there is no way to edit a note on any device and any time? One should be able to edit a Windows inking on Android and visa versa. I’m just in shock that this is still an issue. Please let me know if I’m missing something!!